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Repair Activities
SCD.USA Infrared LLC is a US Company established in August 2007 by its parent, Semi-Conductor Devices, an Elbit Systems and Rafael Partnership ("SCD"). SCD.USA Infrared LLC is ITAR-Certified and AS-9100 Certified.

Repair Level Activities:

  • Level 1: Basic repairs (no Dewar opening)
    • Inspection and evaluation of the IDCA against the failure mode defined in the RMA.
    • Repair or exchange of the following: Proximity Electronics, ADC boards, cables and/or interconnects.
    • All repairs are tested and certification of the radiometric performance is conducted.
  • Level 2: Cooler repairs
    • All servicing needs, dealing with the cooler portion of the IDCA.
    • Includes stator replacement, performing a cooler re-life process or total replacement of the cooler.
  • Level 3: Complex repairs (Dewar opening)
    • Repairs conducted on all IDCAs that exhibit failure modes associated with the Dewar assembly and/or FPA which require the disassembly and opening of the Dewar to atmosphere.
    • Repair/replacement activities include the following: Dewar window and/or cold filter, temperature diode replacement, feed through replacement, Cold shield replacement and/or FPA replacement.

Obsolescence Monitoring:

  • SCD.USA Infrared LLC takes care of monitoring the potential obsolescence of the valid components of our products . When possible SCDUSA Infrared proposes alternative equivalent components and advises customers about the time and cost impact of the equivalent solution. If SCD.USA Infrared LLC can not identify equivalent components, SCDUSA Infrared notifies customers in order to allow them to manage an inventory of components that will satisfy their repair forecast.

Maintenance / Repair Service Warranty:

  • For all the repairs performed under this maintenance agreement, except for the cooler, the warranty for the repaired product shall be the same as the original warranty.
  • If the cooler is replaced or re-life, the warranty will be the same as the original.
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