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Maintenance Activities
SCD.USA Infrared LLC is a US Company established in August 2007 by its parent, Semi-Conductor Devices, an Elbit Systems and Rafael Partnership ("SCD"). SCD.USA Infrared LLC is ITAR-Certified and AS-9100 Certified.

Maintenance Activities:

  • Vacuum re-life (getter firing) – Vacuum re-life through getter firing will be performed as a default to any detector returned for repair.
  • Vacuum re-life (pumping) – If the vacuum of the detector can not be restored by getter firing a re-pumping will be required. If a physical leak is identified, the leaking part is replaced (leaks can appear on the window, the detector feed through or the getter feed through).
  • Cooler re-life – Regeneration and/or Reconditioning a cooler to bring it back to full operation capability and the original warranty of the product. The cooler re-life includes the replacement of defective Optical and/or mechanical parts and/or backfill and seal to original high vacuum conditions
  • Cooler replacement – Replacing defective cooler with a new or re-life cooler
  • FPA replacement – If the detector performance degraded to the extent that it does not meet the specification the FPA is removed and replaced.
  • Proximity board / Flex cable replacement – If proximity board is damaged it is replaced and retested.
  • Temperature diode replacement – Temperature diodes may be damaged as a result of electrical spikes. Certain IDCAs have backup temperature diodes and the problem is simply solved using a jumper wire. If the specific IDCA does not have a backup diode, the Dewar is opened and the faulty diode repaired/replaced and the Dewar re-pumped.
  • Test and evaluation – Every detector returned for repair will be subjected to a series of tests and evaluations (i.e. Incoming test, Failure assessment, Heat load, ATP, etc) before and after repair.
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