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Company Relationships
SCD.USA Infrared LLC is a US Company established in August 2007 by its parent, Semi-Conductor Devices, an Elbit Systems and Rafael Partnership ("SCD"). SCD.USA Infrared LLC is ITAR-Certified and AS-9100 Certified.

SCD.USA Infrared LLC is a fast growing player in the field of infrared detectors in the US and will bridge between SCD’s forefront, state-of-the-art capabilities, technologies and products in this field and the U.S. / Canada growing market demand for reliable, advanced products tailored to the customers’ needs.

About SCD:

SCD was established in 1986 by the current Israeli Partnership of Elbit Systems and Rafael. The main plant is located in the Leshem Industrial Park, Galilee Mountains, Israel. SCD employs well over 450 personnel and supplies over 7,500 detectors per year to the worldwide market.

SCD’s main line of products encompasses a diverse portfolio of advanced infrared detectors (InSb, MCT and VOx). Additionally, SCD is a world class supplier of 2D arrays and High Power laser diodes (pulsed, QCW, CW).

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